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Shortlisted again for 2018 Fraud Awards

Retail security specialists B2BSG Solutions Ltd are proud to have been shortlisted for the fourth year in a row for the 2018 Fraud Awards. The Awards celebrate very best in loss prevention, including innovative products and services, individual and team performances and winning industry strategies. In a year when a record number of entries were […]

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Shortlisted for Most Innovative In-Store Solution Award | 2017 Fraud Awards

Shortlisted for Most Innovative In-Store Solution Award

2017 Fraud Awards


We are proud to announce that SG Systems, B2B Links and IMCo have been shortlisted for the Most Innovative In-Store Solution Award in the 2017 Fraud Awards. The winners and runners-up will be announced at the Fraud Awards Gala Dinner on 5th October at Leicester City Football Club.

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Join SG Systems UK Ltd at Retail Risk London 2017

National retail security providers SG Systems UK Ltd will be presenting their latest range of EAS, RFID, Smart Changing Room, Footfall Counting, CCTV and Product Protection systems at the Retail Risk Conference at the Novotel London West in Hammersmith on Thursday 23rd March.

As Badge & Registration sponsor the SG team will give you a warm welcome on arrival.  We would also like to extend a personal invitation to visit our stand and join other forward thinking retailers who’ve chosen SG for their retail security needs.

The Retail Risk conference series is attended by more retail risk and loss prevention professionals around the world than any other.

SG Systems UK Ltd are Members of the PHSC plc Group []

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Value of shop theft now tops £600 million!!!

A new survey has revealed that the impact of theft on UK retailers has reached its highest level in a decade.

According to the British Retail Consortium’s latest Retail Crime Survey, the average value of each theft in-store increased by 36% to £241 per incident, helping to push the direct cost of retail crime up to £603 million in 2013-14.

The BRC said the vast majority of respondents also reported suffering increasing levels of fraud, most of which is now committed online. Retailers warned that they expect fraud to pose the single most significant threat to their business over the next two years.

The trends are thought to be partly a result of retailers being targeted by more organised, sophisticated criminals. The BRC has recommended that dedicated strategies to tackle business crime need to be developed by police around the country, in close partnership with businesses. It said a fundamental part of this approach is to ensure that data on business crime is properly collected and analysed by police, to enable it to be used to inform operational activity.

Helen Dickinson, BRC director general, said: “Criminal activity against UK retailers continues to have wide-ranging consequences for businesses, employees and the vast majority of honest shoppers. The average cost to retailers of theft has now reached £241 per incident, the highest in a decade. Fraud committed online also continues to rise.

“It is clear that retailers are facing an increasingly sophisticated criminal. Despite an average investment of £2 million per business in crime and loss prevention, retailers need help and support to respond to the threat. Police and Crime Commissioners should follow the lead set by the Mayor of London and work with retailers to develop dedicated business crime strategies to help tackle this growing problem.”

The BRC found that there were an estimated three million offences against UK retailers in 2013-14. The survey also shows that fraud increased by 12% in the period and accounted for 37% of the total cost of retail crime. In addition, there were 32 incidents of violence and abuse per 1,000 employees in 2013-14.

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Should you be alarmed at your theft levels!

The new Alarming Safer Box is an ultimate solution to protect the larger products against theft while allowing an attractive and effective merchandising display.

The highly resistant polycarbonate holders come in various different shapes and sizes and are perfect solution for retailers who want to give their products maximum visibility while still guarantee greatest protection.

The sophisticated Alarming Safer is equipped with four points of protection; three for the locking and one internal 95dB alarm that give an audible and visual warning to staff and potential thieves of any attempted illegal opening of the box.

Compatible with all RF and AM EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) Systems, this innovative Safer is easy to activate by press of a button and simple to unlock at the point of sale in only one movement by the speacial custom detacher.

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You now clearly see the benefits of enhanced protection against theft?

Our new Opticlip E.A.S. Tag provides a high level of protection to most optical eyewear.

 The contemporary, dependable Opticalclip fits easily and tightly to the arm of the eye wear and it is almost impossible to be illegally removed due to its ingenious design and locking mechanism.
Compatible with all RF and AM E.A.S. (Electronic Article Surveillance) Systems, this lightweight, reusable E.A.S. tag can however be safely and quickly removed by code lock detacher at the point of sale.
Marketing Manager for SG Systems, Patricia Oles, commented: “Our ethos is flexibility in product, system innovation and design, this we believe we achieve with our new Opticlip Tag, after many years of research and listening to our client needs, as well as that of the market.”

For more on these products or any of our other solutions please contact us on 08452262678

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Cap the limit on your bottle product theft!

The new Bottle Cap is a unique and economical security tag, designed to protect bottled beverages, spirits and other products.

This fabulous innovation can be fitted with a simple twist and removed quickly via conventional code lock detacher. The tag will fit most wines and spirit bottles available on the market, providing a very cost effective antitheft solution to retailers in the grocery, supermarket and convenience store sectors, as well as many others.
This all new thrifty bottle tag not only helps to prevent theft but that of illegal opening of products in store, a growing problem! Compatible with all RF and AM E.A.S. (Electronic Article Surveillance) Systems, this effective bottle cap can also be custom coloured.
Marketing Manager for SG Systems, Patricia Oles, commented: “We believe that the new Bottle Cap is one of the safest and most economical bottle tags on the market, which can help to protect bottled products in a self-service environment whilst preventing illegal opening of the same.”
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SG Systems UK launches the new AM RAPID MINI PAD Deactivator!

SG Systems has launched the new modern RAPID MINI PAD Deactivator for 58 Khz (AM) labels or all sorts including Sensomatic/ADT versions.
It is designed to deliver quick and efficient label sensing deactivation accelerating the checkout process and improving customer satisfaction.

The Rapid Mini Pad is a powerful solution for all label deactivation including media, at distance with label sensing of up to 12 cm and is ideal for the busy point of sale counters requiring only minimal under counter space.

The reliable and economical mini pad is versatile enough to be used under the counter or on the surface and is easy to install and setup. Its audible and visual indicators provide confirmation that labels have been detected and deactivated. The double checker capability helps ensure smooth deactivation by alerting sales assistants if a label has been detected but not deactivated.
It encloses  a remote on/off key switch and is compliant to CE standards.

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Alarm Verification

SG Systems has launched the AlarmView, which is an innovative, long distance wireless alarm system that can provide cost effective and fast visual verification/monitoring and recording of suspected criminal activity.

It is suitable for both, professional monitoring stations, self-monitoring or residential and small businesses.

This professional wireless alarm system provides instant Visual Verification with full colour images and a Remote Look-In feature.
The clever intelligence of the system also allows remote action to mobile phones(SMS) with all images and video clips retrieved on the device of authorised users.

Marketing Manager for SG Systems, Patricia Oles, commented:
“The new AlarmView visual monitoring and verification system is an economical, investigatory and confirmation tool taht can provide effective monitoring and recording of suspected criminal activity.” 

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SG Systems UK launches the new RF Handheld Verifier/Deactivator Wand!

SG Systems has launched the new modern 8.2mhz RF handheld Verifier/Deactivator Wand, which is designed to deliver quick and efficient label detection and deactivation, all in one quick movement.

This innovative and powerful solution combines functionality of the standard Label Verifier and the Deactivator in an easy to hold RF EAS tool, which can both detect and deactivate all 8.2 mhz labels with the detection range about 8 cm and the deactivation range 5 cm.

This efficient handheld verifier/deactivator is equipped with the latest DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology and can be carried by a sales assistant or security guard on a belt allowing a full door check operation and quick and easy customer interaction without issue or delay.

The RF handheld Verifier/Deactivator Wand has low power consumption and a built in 1700mAh lithium battery, which can be charged within two hours, by placing in its docking cradle.

Marketing Manager for SG Systems, Patricia Oles, commented: “We at SG Systems believe that this Handheld Verifier/Deactivator Wand will become irreplaceable loss prevention product for busy retailers, who would like to accelerate the checkout process and improve customer satisfaction.” 

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