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The capsule, the column and the portable people counter are three high quality products from the SG Designer House. These elegant items help store owners in evaluating staffing needs, marketing campaigns, floor plans and more.

SG System’s people counters have been designed for counting and registering in and outgoing customers in a retail store.

Our counters independently count both incoming and outgoing traffic patterns. A pair of people counter consists out of a Transmitter (TX) and a Receiver (RX) and operates with infra-red technology.

Our product range starts with the brand new, battery driven people counter and at the top we offer sophisticated, intelligent – software driven, communication versions using “The SG Engine”.

Available Models

Floor mount people counter column

Perfectly suitable for the everyday retail store (boutiques, clothing stores, pharmacies, jewellery stores, etc…). Crossings are only visible for authorised personnel.

  • Robust, polished aluminum body
  • Pedestals can be placed up to 10m apart
  • Simple to operate
  • Bi-directional counter
  • Transmitter and receiver have individual power supplies, no need to connect them to each other
  • Optional door chime can be connected to the system, giving notice when a customer is entering or exiting the store

Intelligent people counter column

This product is offering unique solutions for multi location retail stores, due to the optional data collection, remote accessibility and special data analysis software.

  • Remote and LIVE data query: Monitor the traffic of multi-location stores from a remote head office, download real time data, design your own reports and compare daily figures, periods or averages. Track store statistics remotely via your web browser
  • Download data in .XLS format and import them into any other computer system
  • Different access and commands levels enable secure internal data usage
  • Having a number of counters within the same store, the navigation menu allows you to check every counter separately or the whole network globally
  • Wide entrance/exit areas can be covered by several counters if necessary (3,4,5 counters or more in a row)
  • Software available in several languages

Wall mount people counter capsule

  • Available as a stand alone or intelligent version, with same features as the floor mount column, but in a wall mount set up
  • Positioning has not limits, choose the required height and fix the capsule on both sides of an entrance

Portable, battery driven people counter

  • Available in two colors
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to operate
  • Recommended for entrances/exits with maximum 5m width
  • Battery operated system, with alarm function if battery gets low
  • Number of counts can be visible on the LCD screen or can stay hidden, being only visible for authorised personnel
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