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Video Counting

Video counting and customer activity monitoring system (People Counting)

As a provider of Pedestrian Flow monitoring systems commonly known as people counters, we are well aware of their worth to clients. However sometimes there is a need to provide a more comprehensive system which not only give the very best in count accuracy but more comprehensive information concerning customer movement within a store. This the Video Counting & Monitoring system achieves with ease.

Combine this with the latest intelligent processing electronics and you have the ultimate in acoustic and magnetic security antenna technology, to rival any and all.

The intelligence and abilities of Video Counting via the use of CCTV camera video motion technology are second to none. Allowing not only a customer counter accuracy of in excess of 95% but the weather mapping of an area showing their flow within this clearly defined area.

video counting security

These abilities allow our clients to analysis data such as:

  • General sales and marketing
  • Promotional activity
  • Commercial management
  • Safety
  • Security
  • Maintenance
  • Managing staffing schedules
  • Improve quality of service
  • Many more issues concerning sales revenue
overhead security counting
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