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SG Systems UK launches the new RF Handheld Verifier/Deactivator Wand!

  SG   Jul 28, 2014   Blog   0 Comment

SG Systems has launched the new modern 8.2mhz RF handheld Verifier/Deactivator Wand, which is designed to deliver quick and efficient label detection and deactivation, all in one quick movement.

This innovative and powerful solution combines functionality of the standard Label Verifier and the Deactivator in an easy to hold RF EAS tool, which can both detect and deactivate all 8.2 mhz labels with the detection range about 8 cm and the deactivation range 5 cm.

This efficient handheld verifier/deactivator is equipped with the latest DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology and can be carried by a sales assistant or security guard on a belt allowing a full door check operation and quick and easy customer interaction without issue or delay.

The RF handheld Verifier/Deactivator Wand has low power consumption and a built in 1700mAh lithium battery, which can be charged within two hours, by placing in its docking cradle.

Marketing Manager for SG Systems, Patricia Oles, commented: “We at SG Systems¬†believe that this Handheld Verifier/Deactivator Wand will become irreplaceable loss prevention product for busy retailers, who would like to accelerate the checkout process and improve customer satisfaction.”¬†

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