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Should you be alarmed at your theft levels!

  SG   Jul 28, 2014   Blog   0 Comment

The new Alarming Safer Box is an ultimate solution to protect the larger products against theft while allowing an attractive and effective merchandising display.

The highly resistant polycarbonate holders come in various different shapes and sizes and are perfect solution for retailers who want to give their products maximum visibility while still guarantee greatest protection.

The sophisticated Alarming Safer is equipped with four points of protection; three for the locking and one internal 95dB alarm that give an audible and visual warning to staff and potential thieves of any attempted illegal opening of the box.

Compatible with all RF and AM EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) Systems, this innovative Safer is easy to activate by press of a button and simple to unlock at the point of sale in only one movement by the speacial custom detacher.

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